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Many people believe that a roof is a roof and they are all one and the same. Total Roof Services understands that this could not be further than the truth.  There are many factors to consider when selecting the proper roof solution for your building.  Industrial buildings tend to be large open spaces and cost is a significant concern when selecting a roof system. At Total Roof Services we truly understand the performance and costs of each roof system, and are able to help owners in selecting a system that will preserve there building and valuable equipment and inventory inside.  At TRS we are not afraid to disclose that as roofing contractors we earn our money on installation and not on product, and we also understand that not all roof systems are created equal.

Total Roof Services focus is relationship with building owners. We are not just building a name, we are preserving it.  We don’t preserve a name by just installing a roof, but by standing by the work we do.  To us, a square foot of roofing on an industrial plant is equally as important as a square foot of roofing on a high rise hotel in the middle of downtown. The projects are different, but a relationship is the same and we promise that you get the total attention and expertise of Total Roof Services that you deserve.

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23 June 2016
23 June 2016
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