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The Webster dictionary defines maintenance as “the upkeep of property or equipment”; however more often than not we see roof maintenance as an emergency response to leaks or problem areas.  This approach to maintenance is very detrimental to the performance of your roof system and preservation of your building. In fact, all manufacturers require documented annual inspections and maintenance of your roof for the duration of the warranty.

At Total Roof Services, we understand the hardships of time and costs that building owners face on a day to day basis, and often if the roof is not leaking, it is not addressed. Total Roof Services has devised several creative options that are both comprehensive and affordable for building owners. Our goal is to build a relationship with a building owner where they feel we are invested in their roof as much as they are.  To us a roof is an asset to a building owner, and like all other assets it is better to plan and budget for proper upkeep and replacement.  Total Roof Services will work with owners to preserve as much useful life in their roof as possible, all while helping minimize wasted money on costly and ineffective repairs.

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